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{November 18, 2012}   25 Copies of Lasso Me a Mom
Lasso Me a Mom – Almost at 25 copies SOLD 🙂

I just need to sell 2 more copies of my book, Lasso Me a Mom, and then I can say I have sold 25 copies

{January 27, 2011}   Volunteering Part Deux

Today, I traveled back to the Roanoke Rescue Mission one last time to sing for the people staying there at dinner. Overall I think we did very well. As for me, I’ve been sick since Sunday so I didn’t sound as good as I normally do. Regardless, we performed twice. One time for the families, and the other for the single men. Their reactions were vastly different.

For the families after we performed the songs only about one person would clap and that person was someone who was sitting near us to begin with. I think this was because the family group was busy eating; well trying to eat as they made sure their children sat still and ate as well. I noticed thought, as we were performing one of the songs, a little girl got up from her seat and walked closer to see Dr. Wahl playing the piano and to hear us sing.

The second group was single men. And we got the best reaction from them. I’m assuming it’s because we’re girls but I’m not complaining. 🙂 They would clap after every song and two of the men stood up and walked closer so they could hear. When we performed the Jewish chant Haida, a few started to dance. At the end one of the men came up to us and said “I love you, if no one else here has said it before then I will. I love you.”  Tonight was a great night. I’m so glad I could entertain all of the people there but I’m really grateful that I could make them enjoy our music.

{January 22, 2011}   Volunteering

On Wednesday I traveled to the Roanoke Rescue Mission to perform at the Volunteer Luncheon with my J-Term class. I was honestly surprised when I saw all of the elderly people there. I thought there would be more teenagers in attendance. Later, I remember that we went in the middle of the day so they were probably in school. All of the volunteers were talking about the different churches they were representing. I was initially confused but during the tour I realized that the Roanoke Rescue Mission is a Christian based Mission.

The Roanoke Rescue Mission is a place where people can stay if they are having financial problems, they lost their house, they need rehab, or even if they need a place to sleep because their car broke down in the city. It is a Christian based mission but anyone of any faith can attend. The children must go to school and the adults must go out and find jobs. Everyone must attend a service. It’s perfectly acceptable if they aren’t Christian, they are just asked to sit during the service respectably. There are three different places where people live. Theirs a single mens shelter, a single women’s shelter, and a family shelter. There is also a store, kind of like a Goodwill, right across the street where people can buy items cheaper than in stores.

The tour of the Mission was pretty quick but eye-opening. It reminded me somewhat of a jail but not exactly. I think it’s because of the area where they get their laundry washed. Everyone has their own bed and each and every bed has a homemade quilt on it. I found that the quilts gave the Mission a homey feel. The family shelter was a bit bigger because of the many play rooms that the children had. We were also able to see the apartment that people in the rehab program would stay in. It was beautiful and everything inside was donated.

On Friday I had traveled back to the Roanoke Rescue Mission to make craft instruments with the children living there. I can honestly say I was surprised at how much patience I had with the child I was helping. The child I was helping just saw me the minute she walked in and was attached to my hip the rest of the night.

We were making craft tambourines with paper plates, twine, and bells. The child would ask for a color of twine and as I was cutting the color she wanted she would say she wanted another color. Then she would give me handfuls upon handfuls of bells. She would also start playing with the scissors which I had to stop her from doing numerous times because she was always close to cutting her fingers. Overall the tambourine was what she wanted to make and at the end I ended up doing everything for her.

At the end of the night I was very tired but I had a great time. I found it interesting that the children knew they were at a shelter but they didn’t act like it. They acted like normal children; fascinated with the world and the ‘big kids’.

After this experience I encourage everyone to go out and volunteer. Not necessarily at a shelter but maybe at a school, a hospital, a SPCA, or a food bank. It’s about time people, especially people my age, give to other who are in need of help.

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