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{February 25, 2013}   ANNOUNCEMENT

The Reined Groom, sequel to my debut novel Lasso Me a Mom, is expected to be released this Friday – March 1st 2013. If there is any delay I will notify you all as soon as possible


Every Friday from now until whenever I will be posting facts about my debut novel Lasso Me a Mom. Stay up to date because the sequel novel, The Reined Groom, will be releasing very soon.

Fun Fact Friday # 1 (2/15/13): For the story Lasso Me a Mom, Nicoletta ‘Nikki’ Turner’s original name was Aurora which would have been shortened to Rori

Fun Fact Friday # 2: The original title for ‘Lasso Me a Mom’ was ‘Cassie and Nikki’. ‘Lasso Me a Mom’ became the official title after I asked my sisters what I should name the book and Mere jokingly gave it as an answer. I thought it was a great idea and ended up using it. Other titles in consideration were ‘Smeared Reflection’ and ‘Mother May I’. ‘Cassie and Nikki’ is now being used as the title to the upcoming prequel book.

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Nancy McKeon Article

So SM Management, the company that forms music groups like Girls Generation, is holding auditions in April in DC.

I’m thinking of auditioning. If I did get picked I’d be off for “training” for two years which includes singing, dancing, and learning how to speak Korean.

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