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I know this isn’t like my usual upbeat, look on the bright side kind of posts but I need to get this out.

There’s something I never understood: since when did we become a society where using the word rape in a joking tone was accepted? Maybe the media has something to do with it. I mean Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and a couple of other shows basically send out the message that teacher/student relationships are common.

Rape isn’t a topic that anyone should take lightly. I hear from friends, acquaintances, and strangers a few of the following: “I raped that test.” “I’m not sunburned, I’m sun raped.” “That project raped me.”

Seriously, someone you know or in close proximity to could have possibly been raped and here you are joking about it. There are three things about society today that I don’t really like:

1) The word rape is used in jokes

2) Sex is way more casual now. Whatever happened to waiting until your married. Oh, and the term “making love”?

3) The over use of curse words. Guess what, they aren’t adjectives.


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