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Valentine’s Day is where there’s an explosion of white, red, and pink shaped hearts and other decorations. Of course there’s a historical significance to this holiday but there are many times where I don’t think the holiday is needed.

Yes I am alone again on Valentine’s Day this year so I’m sure some of you will see this as bitterness. I don’t mind being alone. Over the years I have noticed how people act around this holiday and its made me stop and think about it. I have a few reasons as to why i don’t like the holiday:

1) Why do people use this one day to show their significant other that they care? I mean if I were in a relationship I would be happier if my boyfriend gave me a card or flowers or chocolate on some other random day. This way I don’t expect it, it shows that he cares, and he doesn’t have to do it because of the significance of the date.

2) Some people get super depressed when its Valentine’s Day and they aren’t in a relationship. So what? Why must you get depressed? You have family and friends who love you. You don’t need the opposite sex to show you that. And you definitely don’t need to send yourself flowers just to feel better. Grab another single friend and hang out for the day/night.

3) I feel like this holiday is just over the top and an excuse for any card chain store like Hallmark to sell cards and make a lot of profit.

Although I mentioned a lot of bad things towards the holiday, I can still find a positive outlook:

1) It’s the time of year where people can de-stress and look at the brighter side of things in life

2) It gives family and friends a reason to get together and to go out.

3) It’s the perfect excuse to eat tons of candy and not have a care in the world.

et cetera