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{January 28, 2012}   Positive Thinking Leads to Positive Results!

When you graduate and go to college, you expect to leave high school drama behind. Recently it came to my attention that someone was talking smack about me at my high school of which i graduate in 2010. Did i retaliate and say something mean about them? No. Did i contact them/call them out? No. I moved past it. It didn’t bother me, because i stayed positive.

I talked to a few friends about the student talking smack about me. Of course they offered up word of encouragement but all in all its up to me and how slowly or quickly I’d get over it. I deleted and/or blocked the two people off of all my social networking accounts and I cut them from my lives. Whether they realize it or not, i needed to do it. I felt better the minute i clicked the okay button.

Last year (January 1st 2011) my new year’s resolution was to have a positive attitude and get all the negativity out of my life. Since then nothing but good things have happened to me. Okay, i also consulted the superstition of saying bunny, bunny (or rabbit rabbit, white rabbit) on the first of every month to get good luck/karma for that month.

Once i started the resolution i went out of my way to make sure to pass on my positivity to others. I would hold open a door for someone, pick up something someone dropped, and I would spread quotes/letters of praise around.

On my 19th birthday me and my sisters decided to have dinner at Red Robin. We wanted to go on the 6 o’clock shuttle but it was filled with many students. Two of our friends suggested that we get on first because its out birthday but we let the shuttle go and got on the other one at 7 o’clock. From that moment on I knew that my resolution was working. During the Christmas season I would donate some money to the Salvatuon Army. When I was playing Christmas music downtown, some of my profits I donated to the Salvation Army as well.

All in all, your life will change if you think positively. Instead of thinking “if” think “when”. Go out of your way to do a random act of kindness whether or not people know its you. You will get a great feeling out of it and find that positive thinking leads to positive results!


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