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{September 26, 2011}   Recent Grinding Ban

*~I had just recently read my high schools newspaper and found that grind dancing has been banned. This blog post is only about my opinion. I didn’t post this to start a fight; just to get my thoughts out. Any comments that are geared towards starting a fight and have “language” won’t be posted~*

*~Mere and I weren’t in the same room when we decided to write about our opinions. Same and/or ideas are completely coincidental~*


Mere’s Opinion: Before you knew what grinding was you danced at dances perfectly fine (pretty much all in Middle School.)  Now, I understand that this day in age it’s pretty much all teenagers know, but it’s been getting way out of hand at my high school (I mean, did you see the dance floor at 2010’s Prom?)

And it’s influencing kids in the middle school as well. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are all grinding at dances and getting in trouble for it because they think that’s what high school-ers do. Granted, it IS what high school-ers do, but this is making them grow up way too fast.

Seriously, what are you really losing without grinding at dances? I mean, not going to a dance just because you can’t grind? That’s ridiculous. It’s like boycotting school because you can’t wear logos or jeans until Friday. School dances are a privilege not a right. People should be happy they still have a dance anyway!

Now, I’m not agreeing with SG not continue fighting, but this is something that’s really not that big a deal, at least in my own opinion. It’s just one form of dance. Everyone use to dance front to front in middle school and be happy with it.


My Opinion: Grinding at my high school has been banned in time for the upcoming Homecoming dance. I have two problems with the recent grinding ban at my high school: 1) (if its true) the administration went over the students heads about banning it in the first place. I think it should have been the students decision because the end result affects the students directly. 2) I don’t like how long it took the school to put this ban into effect. The school waited until a student got into a car accident after After Prom to ban students from driving themselves home. So after many years of grinding being displayed, why has it just now been banned?

However, i agree: it should be banned. I find the dancing inappropriate. Yes, at my high school it’s not as bad as public school dances but i don’t think it should be allowed. People say, “it’s the only way we know how to dance”. Whatever happened to those days in middle school before you knew what grind dancing was? You do know the “alternative” dance style; you just choose not to partake in it.

At all of the dances i went to in high school i didn’t have much fun. This is because i wasn’t able to dance on the crowded dance floor because of all the grinding. I don’t like to grind dance. Yes, I’ve tried it and i don’t like the feeling of being that close to someone and have them touching my hips, back, and lower back (and other places lower). Even middle schoolers now are dancing like this because they think it’s the right thing to do. Middle schoolers are like wet clay. They can be molded very easily and they will mimic the older students in many different ways including language, dress, and dance styles. Although i can’t fully blame the high schools since the media plays a huge part in the formation of middle schoolers as well.

Now, am I saying you have to learn how to waltz or swing dance just to have fun at Homecoming? No, I’m not. In my opinion you don’t need to dance like that to have fun. And not going to your Homecoming because of this change is just silly. And this way you won’t have to worry about chaperones stopping you every 5 minutes. Let’s not forget, the dances are a privilege not a right…


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