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{August 21, 2011}   Project 52 Update

Okay so I have a HUGE update about Project 52. I won’t be recording myself doing my random acts of kindness because i have realized a lot of set backs about it. I was planning on putting up fliers and many things around campus but you need to have permission first and most fliers put up are for school reasons. That pretty much knocks half of my list for random acts of kindness out of the water. That and I realized with school work and work and chorus and piano lessons I won’t have much time to go out every week to record what I’d like to do.

So Project 52 is a no go. However I will still be doing random acts of kindness. Cross your fingers, cause if you’re luck a random act of kindness will be coming your way. 🙂

PS – I’m looking for a partner in crime. Would anyone like to apply for the job? 🙂


{August 1, 2011}   1 Year Bloggiversary

Well it’s officially one year today that I started this blog. I have touched upon many different topics ranging from serious to somewhat humorous. Posts ranging from my writing to Harry Potter to Rugrats. I originally started this blog so people would get small samples of pieces I’ve been working on. That way I could get feedback and more people to read my work to have some sort of following as I aspire to be a writer. Eventually I would post about topics that people would be affected by; primarily, I was aiming to write about things people my age would understand. I would find topics to write about after reading the ‘news’ from AOL’s homepage. I aimed to post something once every month. I had only missed December and May.

As I enter my second year of college I know life will give me ample opportunities to post about more topics. So far I have accumulated approximately 4,000 hits to my site. Thank you to those of you who has followed me on this journey, have taken the time to comment, or have just read only 1 post. I average about 20 views per day. As long as you all keep reading, I plan to post more and more as the years fly by.

Thanks again!

Much love!


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