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{February 6, 2011}   Timbre Tips is ONLINE!

Timbre Tips, the side video series to Expressivo Piano, is now up and running on my new YouTube channel. I would like some comments, feedback, and criticism so I can help you all make this a great experience.

YouTube Channel: MezzoForteProduction

Timbre Tips # 1:

Expressivo Piano Lesson # 1:


I stumbled across a status on Facebook that just made me upset. And I mean go-into-a-venting-situation-where-I-can’t-stop-talking-about-the-subject-for-a-good-thirty-minutes-or-more. The topic was about the job of a janitor. The students believe that it’s the janitors job to clean up after them. This is not true. A janitors job is to help take care of a school and keep it pristine. Not be a personal clean up crew for the students.

Janitor: a person employed in an apartment house, office building, school, etc., to clean the public areas, remove garbage, and do minor repairs; caretaker.

Let’s zero in on the ‘remove garbage’ section of the definition. Sure janitors do wipe down tables, sweep the floor and throw away trash. But the removal of garbage is from the trash bins. Not the act of cleaning up after messy students. I hear people saying “It’s their fault they are a janitor. They can easily quit their job and find another one.” That is not the case. What if being a janitor is the only job they could find? What if they need the money? This job could easily be the last job they want and it’s not helpful when the students don’t play their part and help make the job easier.

“I’m pissed off at the fact that ever since I was a senior we had always been getting in trouble with cleaning up after ourselves. It’s not like your parents will follow you around with a trash bag and rubber gloves for the rest of your goddamn lives. Help make Mr. Gaines job easier so you don’t have to complain and wine likes babies each AND every time you get in trouble for it.” anonymous.

Now, I understand that the situation may just be a few select students. I’m just overall tired of people saying over and over again, “It’s the janitors job.” It’s not the janitors job. Newsflash students, the world doesn’t revolve around you. It’s the students job. Do the students leave their mess around the house waiting for it to be picked up? I wouldn’t be surprised if these select students leave their trash out in the environment. If they do it in a school they might as well do it where ever they want.

If you hate getting into trouble all of the time you (those select students) should just suck it up and clean up. It takes two seconds.

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