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{October 27, 2010}   Colorful Wedding Dresses?!?

The most important part of a wedding is getting ‘the dress of your dreams’. It has to fit certain criteria, size, shape, cut…am I explaining a dress or a ring?  🙂 Plus you must have the bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, cake, jewelery, flowers and shows have to all follow your theme color. Theme is the number one ‘issue’ about weddings and the dress is like the center piece.

Recently I stumbled upon an article when I was beginning to check my AOL e-mail; many women who are getting married these days use traditional white, silver, and ivory. But recently sales have been up for colored wedding dresses. The most popular color: red.



The color red can be described as passionate, bright, vibrant, beautiful, dignified, vivacious, and dynamic. I think they hit the nail on the head with the adjective dynamic. For the longest time I’ve been told that white is the way to go for wedding dresses. When I think white I think pure, pristine, and innocent. White can go with any skin tone. However it’s such a pure color, I think of dirt and how easily you can spot it on a dress of that color. So I questioned why wear that color in the first place. It’s kind of like wearing white to a barbecue restaurant.

Seeing as red dresses are beginning to become popular I think it’s safe to say that others will be as well (fingers crossed for green!). Nonetheless if/when my wedding day comes I think I’ll be conflicted with traditional white and the color of my choosing (GREEN, in case you missed it before 🙂 ).

{October 22, 2010}   New Poem # 15: Spring


I smell green.

I feel blue.

I see pink.

I taste yellow.

I hear white.

With arms wide open

I embraced the sun.

Winter has been chased away

by the return of bees, butterflies,

And warmth.
No longer, shall I feel freezing winds.
Chime the bells,

Darkness has retreated!

With my heart open I welcomed spring.
My smile is pure

as the blue skies mix

with gold, pink, and purple
to meet the sleepy sun.
Tears of happiness trickle down my cheeks;

The flowers mimic my joy

as the frost finally melts.

{October 22, 2010}   New Poem # 14: Summer


Scorching, raging heat

unfolds from the tranquility

of spring.

Her cascading, golden-red hair

embraces the Earth

in a warm blanket.

Her alluring garment of the finest lace

graces us with cooling

cloud coverage and showers.

She raises a delicate arm;

flowers blossom from the Earth.

{October 22, 2010}   New Poem # 13: Winter


Underneath the clouds

Carved with moonlight
are diamonds silver-white;
dancing and twirling.
Snowflakes fill the night.

Nothing disturbs this work of art.
The evergreens are glistening
as snow trickles to the ground.
The moons second face

Dances upon each snowflake found.

Standing outside you observe
the clouds stashes .
Snowflakes tickle your nose
and kiss your eyelashes.

L’amour D’amour Moonlight

Moonlight shining on my pillow,

as I descend to dream world.

The shooting stars that are your eyes

dance and flicker, just for me.

The paleness of your skin

is the only comparison

to the cascading silver mist.

The tranquility,

hovers about as I lay

with you, lovely night.

I escape to my creation of dreams past.

People love and shall forever care.

But you, my heart, my love,

eternally white.

no other shall compare.

{October 19, 2010}   New Poem # 11: You and I

*I originally intended for this poem to be in the p.o.v of a man but now that I think about it, the p.o.v can go either way.

You and I

Your eyes display sweetness

Your lips, a soft caress

I drown in your magic

And my heart beats in your chest.


I dream about you during the day

I think about you at night

I wish for your arms around me

And I can’t contain my delight

Never have I fallen
But I’m steadily on my way
You cradle a heart in your arms
That I’ve never given away

{October 19, 2010}   New Poem # 10: To Love Someone

To Love Someone

There’s nothing greater

than the feeling of euphoria.

The feeling of loving someone

and to have your love returned.

Embrace every glance, caress, light whisper

touch, and kiss. The eyes are the

window to the soul. When two pairs

are connected, the exchange of laughter sets

the record needle; starting the soft

Harmonic hums of unity.

{October 19, 2010}   New Poem # 9: Music Box

Music Box

She’s tired of dancing,
She’s tired of that haunting tune.
She’s paralyzed

in that one pose;

She’ll forever dance alone.

Eternally, she looks upward.

with plastic molded eyes.
Alas, plastic dreams in a wooden world
have no escape.

She waits for motion.

She waits for love.

But to no avail.

For she’ll just sit on the shelf;

waiting for the chosen one

who will buy her,

wind her up,

and bring motion to her limbs.

So that may she finally complete her performance.

She looks forward to her curtain call.

{October 15, 2010}   UPDATE on Poetry Book

Okay, so I have an update for you all. I started putting together my poetry book. I was trying to find someone who would help me through the process and would look over my writing and give me feedback. I asked people on Facebook and no one responded. I visited my high school during my fall break and met up with my Creative Writing teacher from last year, Ms. Eschen. It wasn’t until I returned back to school that I realized that I would really like her help with this project. So I sent her an e-mail and asked if she would help me; she said yes. Since we can’t meet up until I’m on break I’m going to send her the poems I’m thinking of having in the book and then we will meet up over Christmas Break so I can hear from her what she has to say and so I can edit my poetry before going online to put it together.

Of course, how could I have a book without a cover? I asked my one of my good friends, who’s a senior, Margeaux Ducoing if she would design my cover. At first I felt bad for asking her because she has soooo much stuff to do ranging from dance to senior year work, to her senior exhibit. She agreed to do it. I told her not to worry about it for now but when I come up with a general idea I’ll tell her.

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start putting things together!  Oh, and so far the book is called Untitled because I can’t think of a title yet.

{October 15, 2010}   New Poem # 8: Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

After the storm, a game of

follow the leader starts.

They followers walk on the leader’s heels.

When ‘he’ pauses

The rest follow suit.

When ‘he’ moves

They move.

Even when the sun

urges them to vanish,
they refuse to release their hold:
They will not slip
and land on the ground.

Until their leader gives way first.

They formed a constellation
of drops clinging to the windows

My window is speckled with stars.

et cetera