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{September 19, 2010}   New Poem # 7: Autumn





Your footsteps on the driest leaves.

The smell of spices and cinnamon.

The tips of children’s noses turning red.

It’s Autumn.




Goes the stars up above you.

As you walk down that dark path.

While in a group with your friends.

It’s Autumn.




That blazing liquid in your throat.

The sweet aftertaste on your tongue.

The warmth rises up your spine.

It’s Autumn.




Bells chime though out the night.

Screams rise up to the heavens.

Candy wrappers rustle in hands.

It’s Autumn.

Orange and Black.

Orange and Red.

Orange and Yellow.

These hues are splashed on every surface

as the frosty flutter of fragrance

tickles the nose and senses.

When the wolf’s cries reach its highest octave

And the ghouls come out to play

It shows that this season is festive

And there’s one last thing I’d like to say.

It’s Autumn.

I love Autumn.


{September 19, 2010}   Technological Overload

What is so gosh darn important on your phone that you have to check it while you’re driving? I’m directing this question towards teenagers and even some adults. Just because you get a tweet about someone running out of wheat thins or a celebrity tells you that they are sick doesn’t mean you should stop concentrating on the road. Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon died in a car accident. He was tweeting about his dog when his car veered off the Pacific Coast Highway onto rocks.

For teenagers who talk on their phone or text while driving: “you can potentially double the likelihood of an accident and can slow your driving reaction time to that of a 70-year-old. Teen drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident than any other age group. Car accidents remain the number one cause of death of people 16 to 20 years old.” [1]

I remember when I used to joke around with adults who have no idea how to text; I would laugh hysterically when they would have to ask me what ‘brb’ meant; but now adults are getting in tune with all of the technology upgrades that they are using cell phones about as much as teenagers are. I walk down the street and see a lot of people having a Bluetooth piece clipped to their ears. They could be talking on the phone but they way their head is titled or cocked people might mistake the speaker talking to them or talking to his or herself. I remember when drunk driving was a bigger concern. “Texting while driving is about 6 times more likely to result in an accident than driving while intoxicated.” [2]

Not only do people use their phones while driving they are now drawn to its new applications that can be used for presentations and in the classroom. There has been many times where I notice students checking their phones underneath their desks. If it isn’t texting it’s e-mailing. If it isn’t e-mailing it’s twittering. If it isn’t twittering it’s facebooking. The list goes on and on. I admit though, I do spend a lot of time on Facebook but it’s so I can give my friends and teachers back home some updates on how I’m doing in the next chapter in my life.

I send letters the snail mail way. It’s a great way to escape from the technological world. I remember when I was younger I loved to get snail mail. I was excited to see that someone would take the time to write me. E-mails can easily be sent to the wrong person or hacked. Even if you delete an e-mail someone somehow will find a way to bring it back.

We may be in an age where technology is important; but our safety should be our top priority.

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{September 16, 2010}   New Poem # 6: Recipe Poem

I know what you all are thinking. What are recipe poems? A recipe poem is a poem that you follow certain guidelines to make; just like a recipe for your favorite desserts or dishes. The guidelines for a recipe are as follows:

Line 1: pick a number and an object

Line 2: choose what the object is doing

Line 3: choose how you feel about what the object is doing/what the object is doing

Line 4: how you are feeling

Line 5: location

Line 6: action

Line 7: a quote

That is basically how you write a recipe poem. Below is my recipe poem. Enjoy!

Four Majestic Seahorses

Treading through the depths-

You can see their tails twirling

You were apprehensive. You felt surrounded.

In the back of a closet,

Dying to hold them-

And a voice saying “Calm Down.”

{September 8, 2010}   New Poem # 5: Broken Vase

I was told for a hw assignment in my English class to make a list poem. A list poem is basically what it sounds like. You make a poem that is in list form on how to do something. It could be funny or serious or whatever. Mine is called broken vase. Am I really talking about a vase? I’ll let you decide…

Broken Vase

How to fix a broken vase:

-Collect the pieces

-Find even the smallest shards

-Gather them in a pile

-Question why you liked the vase

-Get melted chocolate and gummies (you need something to hold it together)

-Call up your friends (you’ll need many hands)

-Throw away your tissues

-Dry your tears

-Put every piece back together

-Hold it firmly in your hands

-Throw it away

-And then go to the store to find a replacement

{September 7, 2010}   Future Poetry Book

Okay, so today I had my second day of English class. It’s actually called Fundamentals of Writing Poetry and Fiction. This was the only English class I could take first semester and it goes towards my English Major requirements. It’s moving at a slow pace for me right now since I’m used to just jumping in. It’s easier for me to get inspiration for my poetry if I get taught a new style and then I’m given an assignment. But they literally mean fundamentals so I’m being taught words like simile and metaphor and alliteration everything I’ve known since 6th grade (thank you Mrs. Clark-Evans! 🙂 )

After having this class I’ve been having trouble deciding a few things. Soon I’m going to start self-publishing a book. But this will be a poetry book; this way I can get my name out there sooner before I start self-publishing and publishing. I already have a few ideas for titles and what poems I want to put into it; but I don’t know if I want to wait to start putting my book together until after a few weeks of this class or I should just start putting together what I already have now.

What I do already have my mind-set upon is one thing I want in my book: inspiration. A lot of the poetry books I’ve read just have poem after poem after poem. I’m thinking that in my book after a poem I will write a brief paragraph or two about the topic of the poem; like what inspired me to write about what I did.

There are so many thoughts running through my mind about this book. I just hope I can come to some decisions soon.

et cetera