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{August 17, 2010}   New Poem # 4: Hello Stranger

Recently, I was checking my inbox on my formspring account when I came across an interesting question. “If you had the money, would you seek out your birth parents?”. Not many people have asked me this so I never wondered what my answer would be. For those of you who don’t know I’m adopted. I never stopped to think what my life would be like if I wasn’t adopted. I never questioned what my parents looked like. I knew that I was obviously a part of them so when I saw me and I saw my mother and father. But after reading that questioned I had been wishing there had been a picture I could have seen of my birth mother and father but my adoption was closed so all contact was cut. That question became the inspiration for this poem:

Hello Stranger

Through the looking-glass;

Self-image multiplied;

I see a stranger

So familiar.

Hello stranger,

You haven’t missed much.

Cuts, scrapes,

And the friendly touch

Loss of a friend,

Hobbies picked up,

Concerts to attend,

And the new family pup.

Piano melodies floating in the air;

Dance steps moving with flair.

Pencils igniting fire on paper;

Photographs capturing water vapor.

Through the looking-glass;

Self-image multiplied;

I see me

Every time.

Goodbye stranger.

{August 12, 2010}   New Poem # 3: Hummingbird Havoc

A new prose poem based on an idea I had for a fabulous statement. Enjoy!

A hummingbird is trapped in my chest. Its wings flap rapidly. The wind it conjures sends my stomach into knots. The faster the hummingbird flapped the more its wings nicked my ribs. But it was a comforting pain. Slowly, but surely it rose up into my throat. It’s now taking control over my mouth; making me stutter as I try to find the right words to talk to him.

{August 3, 2010}   New Poem # 2: Dessert Earth

Dessert Earth
My favorite dessert is ice cream
The cherry, the whipped cream
The ice cream, the chocolate
The powdered sugar

The sun is the cherry
The snow on mountains
Whipped cream
The Earth, The Ice cream
The chocolate is mud
The powdered sugar, the stars
Shining down

The melted pools
The flood from when the
Polar ice caps melt
Global Warming is causing the Earth to change
Like melting ice cream

My favorite dessert
My favorite planet

Giant Face Up Above
There’s a giant face up above
The clouds are eyes
Clear means they’re open
Overcast means they’re closed
Rain means it’s crying
The sun is a smile
Sending warmth down to everyone
The moon is a frown
The darkness means it’s sad
Check your local weather channel
What’s the mood for today?

{August 1, 2010}   Writing Future

I want to be a writer. I plan on being an author in the fall. I want to release a book full of poems. I plan on majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I heard that there are internships at publishing companies. If I can get one of those during my time at school I will be able to see the process of being published. I feel like I’m one step closer from obtaining my goal of being a writer. 🙂

{August 1, 2010}   Prose Poem Opening Lines

The opening lines in prose poems are so weird, random, and out there that you can’t help but become so fascinated by it that you continue to read the poem. When you’re done you see that the opening line actually fits what the writer is trying to say. Here a are a few prose poem opening lines that I’ve been thinking of:

(1) Love is a three sided coin

(2) There are the sides to every story: he said, she said, and the truth

(3) A hummingbird is trapped in my chest

{August 1, 2010}   Welcome to My Mind…

You shoot up in bed and exclaim, like Miss Clevel “Something is not right.” Upon looking in the mirror you come across a bizarre sight. You are no longer in your body but in my; actually, it’s more like my mind. With this blog you will be able to understand how my mind works in both creative and realistic ways. You will be pulled along with me on my roller coaster ride of ups and downs and lefts and rights. So strap on your seat belts because it’s going to be an amazing ride.

First of there are things that I’d like to state:

(1) If you leave a comment, try to refrain from IM language. I’m going to be writing in full, clear, and complete sentences so I’d like for you to do the same.

(2) If you leave a comment, write whatever you want be it praise or criticism. I can take it.

(3) I’m a stickler for grammar, but I admit right now there are times where I’m proof reading and I will skip over some grammar mistakes.

(4) If anyone wants my opinion on a specific topic, I’ll surely write a blog about it. It just has to be appropriate.

So to start off the first blog, I think I’m going to touch on a subject that many will be able to relate to:

Teenagers: noun; a person in his or her teens. I’m currently in my late teens and I will be heading to college in the fall. People always tell me to enjoy my final years of my childhood before I become an adult. I think I have accomplished some of this really well. Recently I’ve playing with old toys and reminiscing about old fads and television shows (old school nickelodeon, anyone?). But as the date for orientation approaches my mind has slowly been drifting to something that has been bothering me for a while.

Most, not all, teenagers these days are cursing all of the time. I don’t understand how it started but in most cases it would have to be because of the media. The first television show to say the “f-word” was Degrassi when Snake tells Caitlin that Joey has been “f-ing Tessa Campanili”. Ever since then television shows and movies have gradually worked that word and other words into their dialogue. To be honest, I’m getting tired of hearing it. I hear a curse word around every other word in a normal sentence. It’s like these curse words are the new ordinary adjectives when you are describing something or someone you like or hate. Do you want young children to copy you and to start saying these phrases? I just think it’s weird that these words are very common now. Or am I the weird one because I bite my tongue and refrain from using these words in the first place?

So I leave you all with that question: Is it weird that cursing is common, or am I weird because I don’t curse like most people do?



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